Thank you to all the paddlers and spectators who helped to make the 3rd annual Sparta Dragon Boat Festival a huge success. And a special thank you to our Sponsors and Volunteers who without your support we would not be able to host this event!!!

Rules & Regulations

All Captains MUST read the 2016 Rules & Regulations.


We want you to have fun and be safe. Please listen to your coach. The drummer and coach/steersperson must be able to communicate with the team and each other at all times, and all team members need to be able to hear the commands. Paddles straight up in the air if you need to draw attention to yourself in case of emergency.


Make certain that each of your team members knows who is sitting beside him/her in case the boat swamps/capsizes, which is highly unlikely. Teammates will be responsible for each other's safety until rescue arrives. STAY WITH THE BOAT!


Everyone must wear a life jacket during practice and on race day. One is provided, but you may also bring your own.


The drummer should attend practice, if possible. He or she will assist in setting the timing for the team and can be an excellent source of motivation and inspiration during practices and on race day.